Have you ever wanted to have a terrarium? "Miniscapes: Create Your Own Terrarium" is the perfect guide for getting started! It teaches you how to make a classic indoor garden inside glass, with sixteen projects across four biomes. It covers the basics on soil, rocks, moss, tools, plant propagation, choosing your plants, and choosing the right containers. It's the perfect gift for the self-sufficient who want to learn more about quality gardening.

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Do you love the greener things in life but don’t have the time or space for endless gardening? Open Miniscapes: Create your own terrarium and discover the creativity and fun of making your very own indoor garden encased in glass. Miniscapes will inspire you with sixteen projects covering four biomes (Desert, Forest, Carnivorous and Air plants) and equip you with the knowledge you need about soil and rocks, moss, tools, propagation, choosing your plants and containers, and designing your tiny landscape.

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  • Hardcover
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