A Year at Brandywine Cottage


In “A Year at Brandywine Cottage,” David Culp invites you to seek inspiration and form connections with the nature world in the comfort of your own backyard. Organized seasonally, this book details fresh ideas on flower gardening concepts, growing vegetables and herbs, creating elegant floral arrangements, cooking seasonally with home-grown produce, and more. Get to know the different seasons of the year as Culp gives helpful suggestions on the best times to plant and harvest, what to plant during each season, and how to tend to your garden. Weaved alongside these practical tips is gorgeous nature photography by Rob Cardillo.

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David Culp has spent more than 30 years creating a sensational year-round garden that provides an abundance of joy, both indoors and out. In the book, he urges home gardeners to do the same in their own space. Culp’s fresh ideas and trusted advice fill this engaging guide, whether it’s choosing plants for 12 months of interest, weaving edibles into the mix, or bringing the bounty indoors with simple arrangements and homegrown recipes. Packed with glorious images and practical tips, A Year at Brandywine Cottage will inspire you to live a life enriched by nature every day of the year.

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