Handmade Cherry Wood Spootle


The Spootle is a classic, it's a spatula and a spoon all in one! Perfect for serving all manner of dishes, it's made from fine cherry wood, an artistic expression in and of itself! Locally made in Kempton, PA, you can support small businesses as you make delicious food. Just remember to wash it in warm soap and water with the occasional treatment of mineral or coconut oil.

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The Spootle: A spatula and a spoon in one! The spoon that doubles as a spatula is great for stirring the bottom of the pot. Try stirring up some oatmeal, then serve easily with the same tool.

  • Handmade in Kempton, PA
  • 10″” spoon
  • Finished with food grade mineral oil
  • Made with cherry wood
Weight .5 lbs
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