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This pair of classical gardening gloves is exactly what you need when you need to dig into your garden! They're made with artificial suede palms and fingertips to increase your grip, giving you the best possible advantage for pulling weeds and roots. They even have stretch mesh between the fingers to help regulate your hand temperature, and ensure you remain dexterous as you work.

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These stylish gloves are perfect for keeping by the back door to slip on when you pop out for some quick gardening. They fit like a glove should, and thanks to the soft lining, they are comfortable to wear. The palms and fingers are made from hardwearing yet ultra-soft fabric that doesn’t get stiff when wet. Stretch mesh between the fingers helps regulate hand temperature and improves dexterity.

  • One size
  • Machine washable
  • 100% heavyweight cotton ticking fabric with a leather trim
Weight .5 lbs

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