Pizza Garden Seed Bomb Kit


How many herbs and spices are on your average slice of pizza? Time to find out for yourself! This kit allows you to combine the ingredients, roll them together, and plant them in the ground. The end result, an instant herb garden! It has organic Genovese basil, organic cherry tomato, organic arugula, and organic Greek oregano. In short order, you'll have everything you need for classical Italian cooking.

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This hands-on Seed Ball Kit will get your family hooked on home-grown goodness. Includes the essentials needed to make up to 20 nutrient-rich seed balls along with planting instructions for starting a bountiful Italian-inspired garden.

  • Includes enough material for 20 nutrient-rich seed balls and instructions
  • Requires 2 cups of soil, a mixing bowl, water, and a newspaper with a baking tray or old box
  • Four seed packets including organic Genovese basil, organic cherry tomatoes, organic arugula, and organic Greek oregano
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