Kid’s Garden Gloves


Introducing your child to the great outdoors is something best done while they're young. Whether they're helping you as part of their chores or working on their own project worthy of a junior gardener, they'll need a pair of durable gloves. Each glove has an elastic cuff to match their smaller size, allowing small children with a variety of hand sizes to use them comfortably. Each one has a dotted palm and fingers, enhancing their grip for a variety of tasks. It's the must have addition to any child s gardening kit.

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These handy little garden gloves are a great addition to a children’s collection of garden tools. Smaller size fits little hands with all the features of adult gloves. Dotted palm and fingers for better gripping and elastic cuffs for comfortable grip.

  • Washable and reusable
  • Cotton
Weight .5 lbs

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