Coconut & Vetiver Diffuser


A reed diffuser has the benefits of a scented candle without any fire or smoke. All you need to do is put the reed in the mixture, and your space is filled with calming coconut and vetiver aromas with additional notes of jasmine, cedarwood, carnation, and vanilla. Each one is made using all natural, responsibly harvested rattan reeds to ensure an excellent aroma without any threat to your conscience. All of these diffusers come with 4 oz. of liquid, ready for use.

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DILO reed diffusers are made in the USA with fine fragrance oils that are free of phthalates, and use all natural, responsibly harvested rattan reeds to attain a strong, consistent scent throw.  This reed diffuser will slowly fill a medium sized space and you never need to worry about cutting a wick, forgetting to extinguish, or other candle related concerns.  

  • 4 oz. amber glass bottle
  • natural reeds
  • also available in 7.5 oz. candle
Weight 0.68 lbs

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