Tulip Pretty Princess


The pink, flamed purple, sister of Tulip Princess Irene. This short growing tulip is one of the best varieties for Easter pot production. Very suitable for landscape areas with high winds where taller tulips are snapped. Beautiful white edged foliage.

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Triumph Tulips are the result of a cross between the single early tulips and some of the later flowering varieties. Triumph Tulips are the largest and most important class of tulips and come in every possible shade of color possible for tulips, including some marvelous pastels. Triumph Tulips are particularly prized for their beautiful, traditional “tulip” flower shape. Triumph Tulips have sturdy stems, which allows them to stand up well to bad weather. Triumph Tulips make excellent cut flowers, as they have a long vase life. Finally, many consider them to be the absolute best type of tulip for indoor forcing.

  • 10 bubs per bag
  • Excellent cut flower
Weight 1 lbs

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