Modern Container Gardening


If you're a novice gardener who doesn't have a lot of room to pot their plants, nothing beats having a healthy guide to the subject. Introducing "Modern Container Gardening: How to Create a Stylish Garden Anywhere." It's the perfect starter for anyone who wants to get into the hobby and doesn't have a lot of space. It has all the information on the basics, how to make a garden in a day, "one-pot wonders", and a variety of other tips and tricks!

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Whether you have a roof terrace, a tiny balcony or just a window sill, there’s no excuse not to do some gardening. In Modern Container Gardening, Isabelle Palmer shows just how easy it is to get started in the garden Рand how to make the most of every little space.

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  • 176 pages
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  • Written by Isabelle Palmer
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