Longwood Compost Blend


Feed your plants with the same compost we use at Longwood-made from materials from our Gardens. Serving as the first time we’ve released our own compost available for sale, this all-purpose compost blend is made with in-house green garden waste, horse manure, and brown woody material. The compost is intended for multiple uses, including containers, houseplants, garden beds, trees, shrubs, and turf. Available for in-store pickup only when purchased online.

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Compost helps to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and keep your garden space or container healthy and beautiful. This nutrient-rich compost was made here in our Gardens using thermophilic composting, utilizing waste plant material.

  • 2qt bag
  • Granted a Seal of Testing Assurance Certification through the US Compost Council
  • Manufactured through controlled aerobic biological decomposition of aged manure and discarded plant materials; screened to reduce particle size to improve soil incorporation.
  • Directions for use and compost analysis report on back label.

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