Comic Book Guide to Growing Food


Like having your own personal gardening mentor at your side, The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food is the story of Mia, an eager young professional who wants to grow her own vegetables but doesn’t know where to start, and George, her retired neighbor who loves gardening and walks her through each step of the process. Throughout the book, “cheat sheets” sum up George's key facts and techniques, providing a handy quick reference for anyone starting their first vegetable garden.

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If you are a visual learner, beginning gardener, looking for something new, or have struggled to grow vegetables in the past, you’ll find this unique illustrated format ideal because many gardening concepts–from proper planting techniques to building raised beds–are easier to grasp when presented visually, step by step. Easy and entertaining, The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food makes homegrown vegetables fun and achievable.

  • Longwood Gardens’ Community Read
  • 176 pages / paperback
  • Graphic novel
  • Written by Joseph Tychonievich
  • Illustrated by Liz Anna Kozik
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