A Splash of Brilliance: The Fountains of Longwood Gardens

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A Splash of Brilliance tells the amazing story of the fountains of Longwood Gardens, with more waterworks than any other garden in the Americas.  Longwood was the passionate hobby of industrialist Pierre S. du Pont (1870-1954), who lavishly embellished his diverse gardens with breathtaking hydraulic displays inspired by visits to European gardens and late 19th- and early 20th-century world’s fairs.  His fountains have been lovingly preserved, most recently with a $90 million revitalization of the Main Fountain Garden that combines jets, lights, and fire into an astounding musical spectacle.  The history of Longwood’s fountains is a fascinating tale of horticulture, technology, and travel, illustrated with 266 historic and modern photos that capture the watery essence of these impressive features.  144 pages, 2018.

 Colvin Randall has studied Longwood’s fountains since the 1970s and has designed and programmed the displays since 1980.  The author of books, exhibits, and videos about Longwood, he was named the P. S. du Pont Fellow in 2008 in recognition of his contributions to varied aspects of the Gardens.

 Katie Mobley is a contributing writer to the Longwood Chimes member publication and Longwood’s Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist.

 Lynn Schuessler is a contributing writer to the Longwood Chimes. She was introduced to the Gardens as a volunteer in Longwood's Library & Archives and now assists with the Longwood Gardens website.